If you've been living under a rock, you might've missed Rory Fresco's follow up to his "True Story" release earlier this year. With his latest release last friday, the 816 native is showing he's a real sicko with the 7 solid tracks on "816ICKO". 

Kid Ink makes an appearance on 2 tracks, "Magic" and "VVS Charm", and Rory showcases his talent on his own on the other 5 tracks. From discussing some of his pitfalls and his dedication to get through it on "Run It", a familiar track from this past summer "Cold Summer", to the finale "OZ Freestyle", 816ICKO is a project that show Rory Fresco's versatile style. 

816ICKO Tracklist

1. Run It
2. Cold Summer
3. VVS Charm (feat. Kid Ink)
4. King Kong
5. Off My Rocker
6. Magic (feat. Kid Ink)
7. OZ Freestyle

You can check out the whole project here:

Check out VVS Charm (feat. Kid Ink):


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